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Artique, Ltd.
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40 Years Offering Art to Alaskans and Visitors

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Shipping and Delivery

Currently, online orders can be shipped to anywhere in the United States. For orders outside the U.S., please give us a call or email us to place your order. (Do not send a credit card number through email, it is not secure for such sensitive information. We can make other arrangements by phone or email.)

Once an order is placed, we will attempt to have it on its way to you or your designated recipient within one to five business days, depending on shipping load and packing complexity. Since we do have many one-of-a-kind items, we will contact you if, for any reason, we cannot complete your order in a reasonable period of time.

Most artworks will be packed and shipped from our warehouse at our gallery in Anchorage. To help protect our cherished Alaskan environment, we use, reuse and recycle packing materials whenever possible without compromising our high standards for shipping safety. Each item is packed appropriately according to the following general guidelines:

Flat Artworks (unframed originals, prints and posters):
For items that can be rolled (prints and posters, excluding giclées and embossed prints), they may be shipped rolled in a large-diameter tube or box-tube. At customer preference or as required by the item (giclées, originals, etc.), they may be sent flat in one of our flat shippers. Both tubes and flats are sent via USPS Priority Mail Insured. Oversize flat items are sent in a custom flat via UPS Ground.

Framed Artworks (originals and prints):
Framed originals and prints are shipped in our frame shippers, via USPS Priority Mail Insured. Oversize framed items are professionally packed in a custom made cardboard crate and shipped via UPS Ground. Items too large for UPS Ground will be shipped by custom routing, which may include truck or air freight, depending upon size, destination and shipping cost. We will contact you if your shipment requires custom handling.

Three-Dimensional Artworks (glass, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, etc.):
Everything is double-boxed using appropriate packing material to protect the artwork item. Some items may be grouped to save shipping and materials where safety permits. Most items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail Insured. Where possible, large artworks will be packed in the original packaging provided by the artist. Oversize items will be shipped via UPS Ground, custom routing by truck or air freight, depending on size, destination, and shipping cost. We will contact you if your shipment requires custom handling.

As you can see from our guidelines above, we use the U.S. Post Office for the majority of our shipping. We have over our thirty years perfected packing for the post office, as they are relatively timely, efficient, and cost effective, especially to and from Alaska. We do of course offer both UPS and Fed-Ex for rush situations; however, please be aware we can only take rush orders by phone.

Our shipping prices reflect what we incur as a result of shipping artworks and are not intended as an income source for us. (We are strong believers that everyone needs art and keep our shipping costs as low as possible to make our artworks more affordable.) Our shipping cost calculator is relatively sophisticated and will group items when possible to reduce the shipping cost; however, if we find we have overcharged you, we will refund the difference and send you an email notifying you of the change.

Despite our best intentions and packaging, artworks are damaged in shipping from time to time. If any of your items arrived broken or damaged, please save all packaging and consult our breakage policy.

If you have any questions, please just send us an email or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.